"Every Bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and with the right bridal makeup she will!"

I am first and foremost a bridal makeup artist specialist, relying on my many years experience as a professional wedding makeup artist to provide top quality service to you.

Bridal MakeUp Artist

Every Bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, and so she should!

The bridal makeup application method I use, creates a look that enhances your own natural features, hides the imperfections, and lets you feel like yourself. You want to look naturally beautiful and you want to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the wedding day into the evening.

Most Brides have envisioned the look they want to achieve for their wedding day.

Quality products and precision application will ensure their makeup withstands weather and time, and are enhanced, not drowned out, by professional lighting for print and video photography.

Bridal Hair

I work with various Sydney based wedding hair stylists.  They are a wonderful complement to our bridal makeup service… So we can create the complete Bridal Makeup and Hair Package for you.  

Events and Formals Makeup

School Formal MakeUp

Aside from your wedding day, your school formal night is one of the most significant events of your young life and your formal makeup is equally important.

Many girls make the mistake of choosing school formal makeup which is dramatically different from the make up they normally wear.

Don’t be tempted to go all out with an amazing new look, or to pile on the products and try to resist going overboard.

Natasha Gillard is a professional bridal makeup artist in Sydney. She offers a fully mobile wedding makeup service throughout Sydney. She is also available as a freelance makeup artist for your special event makeup or school formal makeup requirements.

Multi Media Bar

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